DISC-CONTENT is a fansite and miniblog about PS1 games and related interests. The goal of this project is to carve out a quiet corner of the internet and write about these games and the era in which they came out. This isn’t an attempt to be comprehensive or journalistic, just a place to share memories and interests with readers like you.

Why the PS1?

The obvious answer is nostalgia, and I have loads of that. But I also think these games are really interesting to revisit or play for the first time. It was a unique and exciting time for video games. This console generation was arguably the biggest leap forward in graphics. While they may look simple and clunky by today's standards, these polygons were extremely effective and blew all of our minds at the time.

In addition to graphical improvements, gameplay was also dramatically changing. Developers were still figuring out how to make 3D games work, and it's fascinating to see what has stuck around and the weird results of their failed attempts.

This is also the console that (arguably) birthed my favorite genre: survival horror. The primitive 3D graphics, muddy textures, and unique “wobble” of the PS1 created an unsettling atmosphere in these games, culminating in an experience that you can’t get anywhere else. To this day, indie developers are still attempting to replicate this aesthetic and vibe, with amazing projects such as the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc.

All this to say, the PS1 is home to some of my fondest gaming memories and is responsible for kickstarting some of my favorite things about video games. I think it's worth celebrating with a little website.

Who are you?

➜ Name: Matt
➜ Pronouns: He/him
➜ Age: Mid-thirties
➜ Location: The Malicious Midwest, USA
➜ Enneagram Type: 9w1
➜ Politics: Pinko, bleeding heart leftist
➜ Hobbies: Jogging, graphic design, bass guitar
➜ Music: Tom Waits, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, White Stripes
➜ Movies: Eternal Sunshine, Big Lebowski, The Shining
➜ TV: Twin Peaks, Stargate SG-1, What We Do in the Shadows
➜ Likes: Video games, horror novels, pancakes
➜ Dislikes: Cold weather, litter, fascists

Did You Know?

Previous Site Design

The website hasn't always looked like this. Click here to see an earlier design. Which version do you like best?

The current design is heavily inspired by the grey color of the PS1 console and the incredible user interface of Wip3out (originally designed by The Designers Republic).

The name “DISC-CONTENT” was thought up by adagioforworld1. I was originally planning to name the site “DISC-COURSE,” which is nowhere near as good.

FUN FACT: The width of the body section is exactly 420 pixels.

The black circle in the DISC-CONTENT logo represents the PS1’s iconic black discs. (I hope this was obvious.)

The font used in the logo is a slightly modified version of Yukarimobile by Vic Fieger.

I don't currently have a way to capture screenshots, so I use what I can find online. If I've used one of your screenshots and you want me to take it down, let me know!

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