This is a list of notable updates to the site. Some dates may be approximate. Try not to worry about it.

2022.11.26 ➜ SATURDAY
Added a few more links. Will I ever write another post? Stay tuned to find out.

2022.08.16 ➜ TUESDAY
Tiny update. Just added an ITEM RENDER banner and another button to the Links page.

2022.03.09 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Removed the banner for my Discord server. Gonna shut it down. Not sure why I made it to begin with, lol.

2022.03.02 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Added more links. Another small DISC READ ERROR post. Nothing major, just trying to have a good time.

2022.01.29 ➜ SATURDAY
Doing a little housekeeping. Added some buttons to the links page, removed © 2021 from every page, etc.

2021.11.20 ➜ SATURDAY
Made a Silent Hill in-browser minigame. Was a very slow process, but it was a ton of fun and I'm happy with the end result!

2021.11.15 ➜ MONDAY
Posted another post on the DISC READ ERROR section. Added the new /floor splash page. Joined the Yesterweb Ring. Also celebrated 25,000+ views!

2021.11.13 ➜ SATURDAY
The first big update in a while! Added a post about Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 and the new DISC READ ERROR personal blog.

2021.11.07 ➜ SUNDAY
It's been awhile! Not much of an update, just tidying up and adding a few new links.

2021.04.01 ➜ THURSDAY
I'm now in Em Reed's Low Tech Webring! Added the banner to the Links page. Also celebrating 10,000+ views, according to the Neocities site stats. THANKS FOR VISITING.

2021.03.31 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Added another month's album to the Compact-Disc page. Totally embarassed by how little I've written about PS1 games for this site. Apologies. More soon, maybe? Who knows?

2021.02.06 ➜ SATURDAY
Added Febraury's album to the Compact-Disc page. Haven't written a full post in a while! Time is weird during quarantine.

2021.01.02 ➜ SATURDAY
Added a few more links to the Links page.

2020.12.31 ➜ THURSDAY
Added a review of Murder House, posted the January 2021 album recommendation, and cleaned up the Secondary feed. Also published the Andrew Elmore interview from the zine.

2020.12.30 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Updated links page and added a banner for the chat room (Discord server). Added an "Upcoming" post to the homepage. Also, this site is now listed on Districts!

2020.12.13 ➜ SUNDAY
Started a little button wall on the links page.

2020.12.12 ➜ SATURDAY
Posted a page for graphics.

2020.12.09 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Posted an article about Silent Hill. It's not perfect, but I think it's the best piece yet. Much more about my personal experience rather than a normal review. Go read it. :)

2020.12.08 ➜ TUESDAY
Updated the 404 page with the story of how I got my first PlayStation 1 console.

2020.12.03 ➜ THURSDAY
Spent the last several days completely redesigning the site again (ridiculous) and figured out how to code it. Posted it today. Pretty happy with it. Grey! Moody!

2020.11.24 ➜ TUESDAY
Posted a page about the zine!

2020.11.21 ➜ SATURDAY
Not an update to the site, but I recently decided to make a supplementary fanzine for DISC-CONTENT. Made quite a bit of design progress, ripping off late 90's PlayStation magazine. Very fun. More later.

2020.11.18 ➜ WEDNESDAY
Posted a rough draft of a DRIVER article. Also bought the disc-content.com domain and set up a splash page. (And ordered some stickers!)

2020.11.17 ➜ TUESDAY
Aimlessly tweaking things. Fixed some typos. Updated the look of a couple of buttons. Nothing noteworthy, just tinkering.

2020.11.16 ➜ MONDAY
Added Yakurimobile font credit to LINKS page (used in logo) and launched a simple CHANGELOG page. Updated the 404 page with a Resident Evil 2 themed "YOU DIED" message.

2020.11.15 ➜ SUNDAY
Spent a whole Sunday evening and completely redesigned the entire site (lol) and coded it all myself (!). Now going for a Y2K aesthetic. Digging it! But who knows how long that'll last.

2020.11.13 ➜ FRIDAY
Received a PSone + LCD screen combo from Nick and it's so incredibly cool.

2020.11.10 ➜ TUESDAY
Published the TWISTED METAL 4 post. Kinda unhappy with this post. It ended up being much more of a review than I wanted it to, but writing is hard and we gotta keep pushing forward. Also published a first draft of the LINKS page. And a 404 "insert disc" page (will likely change this later, feels inconsistent).

2020.11.09 ➜ MONDAY
Tweaked background color, added a "sign my guestbook" button to all pages.

2020.11.08 ➜ SUNDAY
Published GUESTBOOK page, using https://www.htmlcommentbox.com/

2020.11.07 ➜ SATURDAY
Back several months later, ready to roll. Published the HOMEPAGE with "under construction" disclaimer. And final(?) ABOUT page.

2020.05.28 ➜ THURSDAY
Started a neocities account and put up a "COMING SOON" page!